Do you have the tags? How long do you need to keep them?
Do you have the tags? How long do you need to keep them?

We're Different: we are a Chef Driven Food Safety Consultant

We have a deeper understanding of the needs of your business than other food safety inspectors. As a Chef, Inspector Good understands your need to maintain flavor and quality of your food in addition to the demands of the HD Inspectors.

Our goal is to help you protect your business, guests and employees.We look forward to developing your program that will fit your specific requirements and maintain your bottom line.

Our unique approach with our wide range of experiences, as a ServSafe Instructor and Trainer, and as a Food Allergy Specialist, gives us the opportunity to consider the unique needs of your business to run efficiently and smoothly with food safety as the back bone of your corporate culture.

Our Story begins with Mary FitzGerald

Mary FitzGerald - Founder of Safe and Sound Food Safety Consultants enlisted Chef Elaine Good as a trainee. After being trained by Mary, Elaine was held responsible for inspecting kitchen and storage areas as well as training all production line and maintenance employees in food safety practices.

Elaine B Good became the Food Hygienist and The Guinness World Record Witness for Gordon Ramsey's The F Word  in 2017. Not only as a Guinness witness to records being broken, but to make sure that the food being donated to local charities were within the HD guidelines and went with the proper paper work.

As a ServSafe Trainer for Manager and Food Handler Certification and Allergen Training, Inspector Good focuses on the business practices necessary to keep the 'A' rating on the front door, protecting the customers, keeping the staff healthy and maintaining a business culture that will thrive.

Let us help your business..

For more information or to request a quote for your business please contact Inspector Good.