Is your business compliant with all of the HD, FDA, State and County Codes?

When you hear that the health department is conducting inspections in your area do you panic?

Do your employees know the proper procedures and temperatures necessary for food safety?

Is a less than 'A' rating next to your entrance for all to see troublesome?

Could you be shut down for violations?

These concerns are legitimate! In addition to keeping your food business profitable and keeping your staff and customers happy it is necessary to conduct your business in compliance with the codes set for food safety.

  • The guidelines set in the codes are for your legal protection in the event that a customer makes a claim that your business made them sick.

The code set up by the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health and Environmental Health is layered over the Federal Health Department, The Code is in place to protect both the consumer and the business owner, a clear set of guidelines that have proven to keep food and the environment safe from bacteria that have the potential to spread disease and even kill people.

Don't risk everything you've worked so hard at, have a set of trained eyes with a clear understanding of proper business practice and operating in compliance to help keep your business safe and successful.

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