Do you know what your business is doing….wrong?

Some elements of ‘business as usual’ may be establishing dangerous business practices. You might scan a work area and it all looks normal to you, but did that employee spend 20 seconds washing their hands in 100ºF water after they cut up the raw chicken?

It can all look so innocent, while being deadly. Literally deadly, like someone could die! Or get deathly sick!! Which would bring in the Health Department, and questions would be asked and your employee not knowing that it’s 20 seconds in 100ºF water could shut you down while an investigation takes place that will lead to a law suit.

Just like that “~snap~” every one done.

Just like that you’re ‘A’ rating is gone!

That’s what our Federal, State and County Codes are about – protecting your staff and your business while protecting the public from potentially harmful bacteria.

If this cutting board looks like the ones your staff is using: contact us immediately.

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